One of the biggest and most interesting place in Ida-Virunmaa is the mining area. The mining area is a finding. That is what it has been to us and that it is also for our customers. Finding that is located at the end of the Kohtla-Nomme road. In a place where everyone gets a good experience and above all a good memory.

Adrenaator Grupp OU is located in the Kohtla-Nomme village. Our job is also our hobby. Thus we can offer our customers every year something new and great.

Our headquarter is located in Kohtla-Nomme and we control from a bunker the whole camp area. The size of the camp area is quite big, 25 km2. All activities are kept in artificial terrain, wood, water and also underground. We have trails for hikers and all kind of cars which differ in difficulty level. In addition we have a lot to show and tell. And it all can be experienced hiking or sitting in a car where you have to hold on tight.

All our services are carried out in an area where we have grown up and spent our childhood. This creates an special value into our craftsmanship to tell about the surroundings. We can tell what we have experienced ourselves not just what we have read somewhere. 

We offer activities from 1,5 hours to 2 days not depending on the size of the group. We offer this at every time and every day. We offer also education sessions, team days and study days. We have a seminar room for seminars and educations. For study tours we have a terrain which few have seen.

Please feel free to contact us and we will certainly find a suitable program for you, your family and also for all of your friends and job crew.


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