Adventure Walking    

Adventure walking in the old Kohtla mining terrain. Orienteering with a terrain map. Finding targets with the help of hints, finding a cave and a treasure, crossing a water barrier with a raft, suspension bridge etc. Orienteering skills required (it is enough if one of the group knows how). Goal: to move in the nature, team work and task solving. There will be a off-road vehicle waiting at the destination. The distance is ca. 3 km. It is possible to ease the route by marking it. Adventure walking includes a short orienteering guidance, terrain map, compass, first-aid kit and if needed guiding the lost ones. Group size 2-25 persons and duration 1,5h. Attention! Adventure walking is a part of Off-Road safari. See photos. Prices can be found here.

Mining Terrain Safari

Driving with special off-road vehicles at the Aidu mining area. Half of the area is forest and the other half is limestone area. The driving takes place in a ditch, on special forest roads and in difficult terrain. By the road is also mountains, reservoirs and mining area canyons. During the drive one can see and hear a lot of interesting facts about alternative producing of energy and the surroundings. Group size 2-25 persons and duration 1,5h. See photos. Prices can be found here.

Water Tour In The Aidu Watercourse

At the water tour it is possible to drive as a team with canoes, rafts or dragon boats. The trip takes place in an old mining area where has formed 5-25 km of waterway. The team can plan the trip just as they want. The canoes can fit 18 persons, dragon boats 8-11 persons and the rafts 4-12 persons. Duration of the trip 1,5h. See photos. Prices can be found here.

Tour In The Underground Mine

During the tour it is possible to get acquainted with the former mine’s aisles, employees working conditions and technique used underground. Guides are former miners who enable testing of machines, transport groups with a special train and tell also stories of their own. Group size 2-30 persons and duration 1,5h. See photos. Prices can be found here. 

ATV Drive

Driving with an ATV in terrain on such roads which can’t be reached even by special cars. There several routes from easy to really difficult ones. It is really important to take with you exchange clothing and rubber boots. Before the drive is an orientation for ATV driving. You get driving gloves, a helmet and a guide. Group size 4-8 persons and duration 1,5h. Attention! The ATV will not be handed over to persons who are under the influence of alcohol. See photos. Prices can be found here.

Off-Road Safari

Driving with off-road vehicles in difficult mining area terrain. Driving cars in the whole area (also in water) when you can see all the interesting places. During the drive you get a comprehensive picture from the whole area and a driving experience. Opportunity to steer also yourself. Group size in the summer 2-15 persons and in the winter 2-10 persons. Duration of the tour 3-4h. See photos. Prices can be found here.

Enduro Drive

Driving with enduro motor cycles in the mining area terrain. Before the drive it is very important for everyone to determine the difficulty level for the route because all people don’t handle motor cycles equally well. If you don’t have a motor cycle we recommend to hire it from our partners. You can get contact information from our customer service. The trip includes also a lunch. Group size 2-20 persons and trip duration 5h. See photos. Prices can be found here.

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